The values defining the operations in the Tallberg Group play a decisive role in our company.


In the Tallberg Group we appreciate high quality and outstanding service. In addition, we work according to our internal quality standards. The client’s needs and requirements are to be fulfilled without abandoning the high standard of our work.


We are a reliable partner, who invests in long-term relations in favour of our clients and partners. The company is committed to projects together with the client; to promises made; and to aims set. The personnel are responsible for their actions and committed to both their employer and their clients. The staff members all have their own duties and responsibilities to reach their objectives.


We invest in long-term and strategically meaningful partnerships. This means that mutual well-being is of importance to us. We are a safe, reliable and competent partner. The meaning of partnership throughout the operational chain, ranging from subcontractors to investors, is highly significant to us.


The Tallberg Group is an independent and solid company, and we operate on a long-range basis. Thus, the productivity and profitability of our actions guarantee continuity, and give us a competitive advantage. Productivity is the essential prerequisite for the entire group.

Social Responsibility

The Tallberg Group is committed to long term charity activity with also an opportunity for the personnel to make a difference. The company has established cooperation with Plan Suomi Oy, Barnavårdsföreningen, Suomen Punainen Risti, John Nurminen Säätiö, Syöpäsäätiö and the Finnish Assosiation for Nature Conservation. We expect to achieve excellent results by operating through these distinguished partners.