Tallberg Corporation Sells Ekomans Oy

Back 08.04.15

Julius Tallberg Corporation has sold the entire stock of its subsidiary Ekomans Oy to Industri-Textil Job Oy. The buyer company is a subsidiary of a Swedish family owned company Industri-Textil Job Ab. The ownership of Ekomans Oy was transferred to the new owner 31.3.2015.

The acquisition reinforces and strengthens the current business activity of Industri-Textil Job Oy. The new arrangement particularly strengthens and expands the knowhow and implementation of project sales. At the same time it creates a desirable and powerful foundation for business growth.

As a result of the transaction the long history of the Tallberg Corporation in technical sales comes to an end. In the future the activity of Tallberg Corporation will focus on ownership and development of commercial real estate as well as on long-term equity investments.

We would like to thank all our customers and associates for the fruitful cooperation and wish it will carry on even more intensely in the future.

The business of Ekomans Oy will continue as usual and existing contact persons will serve You as before.

More information about the corporate aquisition:
Harry Holmstöm / Oy Julius Tallberg Ab, p. +358 40 553 1331
Timo Lääti / Industri Textil Job Oy, p. +358 40 581 4251

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