Alterations leading to the City-Center Block

In 1958 the owners of all five properties attached to the City Passage commissioned architect Viljo Revell to develop the old Soopeli (sable) block of commercial buildings. The plan was first implemented on three plots while the measures related to Aleksanterinkatu 21 were to be implemented later. Architects’ offices Viljo Revell and Heikki Castrén, later Castrén–Jauhiainen–Nuuttila, created a couple of renovation plans at the beginning of the 1970s, but the actual renovation work did not begin until the 1980s. The most visible change of this 1980s renovation was the covering of the courtyard in Aleksanterinkatu 21.

The property today

The property on the plot is a business- and office building that has 9 floors of which 5 above ground and 4 underground. The building was completed in 1910 when the City Passage, which takes you through the block from Aleksanterinkatu 21 was opened, and still roughly corresponds to the form of today. There have been several expansions and alterations in the building since then.

The extensive modification of the property has just been completed. The surface area of the business premises was increased. An extremely significant modification of the property is the involvement and joining into the city service and maintenance tunnel. This modification has transferred the service and maintenance traffic in its entirety underground. The facades of the upper floors have been reinforced by iron structures and ferroconcrete. The property is connected to the district heating network and has a forced ventilation and cooling system. The whole building services engineering of the property has been renewed during the last modification of the premises.