Group Structure

Julius Tallberg Group  has been serving Finnish industrial and commercial companies for 135 years. Today, the Group's operations and holdings are concentrated in real estate investment and long-term equity investments. The Tallberg Group consists of  the independently operating subsidiary Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation and the parent company  Julius Tallberg Corporation. Consolidated revenue is approximately eur 21 million. The Group employs 12 people. 

Julius Tallberg Corporation is the Group's parent company. It manages its own real estate and its long-term equity investments. The parent company also participates in the development and financing of its subsidiary.

Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation is a real estate investment company that specializes in commercial and industrial investments and in further development of these investments.


Aleksi21 3 The values defining the operations in the Tallberg Group play a decisive role in our company.
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Key Figures

Tallberg_kolmeseppaa Key Figures 2017 for Tallberg Group.
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Investor Information

Aleksi21 4The quotation of Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation on the Helsinki Exchanges ended 19.3.2010.
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Julius Tallberg Corporation

The Group´s parent company is Julius Tallberg Corporation, a family business established in 1880. The company supports its subsidiary, sees to its financing and participates in its development together with the subsidiary's management. The company has a good financial standing and it owns and manages substantial real estate and equity investment assets. The most important item of real estate is a commercial property built in 1899 by the company´s founder on Aleksanterinkatu 21 in the heart of Helsinki.

Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation

Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation is a real estate investment company established in 1987. The company’s operations and investments focus on ownership of commercial and industrial real estate in the Helsinki region and on developing these properties. The company offers efficient and flexible solutions for business premises, and expert services that support the customer’s needs. Development of Julius Tallberg Real Estate Corporation’s operations is aimed at creating long-lasting customer relationships and successful partnerships. The company owns a diversified and well-performing real estate stock. It serves about 350 tenants in about 28 properties in total. The company’s offices are in Suomenoja, Espoo.

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